why us

Organizing an event, especially a big one, is not an easy task to do. You have so many things you need to consider and so many people to talk to, that it is almost impossible to handle alone, unless you are an experienced caterer. Other things like knowing the local venues or knowing how to please a crowd are equally important.

A good caterer will most likely avoid common mistakes that untrained people do, so, that being said, having an amazing catering service for your big event is a must, if you need percision, commitment and a beautiful result.

Another important factor is guaranteed quality of service and low cost to quality ratio. The fact that you can easily find professional chefs, bartenders, waiters, animateurs e.t.c. and have endless choices on how you want your event to be like, not only makes the catering company more affordable, but the most logical choice as well.

So now, you need to know why us! It is simple. We are the leading catering company in Mykonos, with several halls, hotels and other unique areas that you can organize your event to. We strive to see the smile in your guest's faces and are keen to work with you for the event of your dreams.

catering menu list
  • - Selection of breads
    - Homemade Marmalade (2 flavors)
    - Greek Thyme honey
    - Butter
    - Coffee ( Filter or espresso )
    - Selection of Tea
    - Cup-omelet Greek style
    - Homemade mini Cheese-pie and mini Spinach-pie
    - Mini Bougatsa from Thessaloniki (milk cream pie)
    - Greek yogurt with honey and nuts
    - Rusks with Greek cheese and cold cut, Served with cherry tomatoes and olives

  • - Selection of breads with dip, made from fava beans
    - Green salad with marinated Sea food
    (Calamari, Octopus, Mussels and lemon sauce)
    - Sea bass fillet, served with grilled vegetables, quinoa and Lemon sauce
    - Baklavas with dry fruits and nuts

  • - Dinkel bread
    - Garden salad (selection of fresh raw vegetables) with vinaigrette
    - Grilled turkey or chicken fillet (500 gr portion) with posher baby vegetables
    - Exotic fruit salad

  • - Selection of breads with dip from green fava beans
    - Garden salad, Selection of fresh vegetables from our garden with vinaigrette
    - Grilled Vegetable burger with wasabi sauce
    - Fried rice with cashew nut and vegetables
    - Coconut panacota with strawberry sauce and dark chocolate

  • - Selection of breads
    - Variety of Greek starters (Tzatziki, eggplant salad and “Ntolmades” stuffed wine leaves with rise)
    - Greek salad with cherry tomato from Santorini, Feta cheese, Olives and leaves of Mykonian Caper
    - “Cretan Flogeres”, type of pie stuffed with Cretan Graviera cheese, Feta cheese, aromatic herbs and honey from wild flowers
    - Mixed Grill B.B.Q. (Lamb chops, pork fillet, chicken fillet, mykonian sausage grilled vegetables and B.B.Q. sauce
    - Platter of fresh fruits and frozen Greek yogurt and honey

  • - Selection of bread and breadstick
  • - Stand with variety Greek cheese and cold cuts (Without pork meat)
  • - Stand with Raw stick vegetables with cream cheese sauce
  • - Stand with Wrapped tortilla filled with Shrimps and Mascarpone cheese
  • - RosBeef  with wild rocket and Mustard Dijon (personal size)
  • - Stand with mini Souvlaki with grilled vegetables, Fresh motsarella cheese and fresh homemade Basil pesto
  • - Pasion salad (served with Exotic fresh fruits and Mango vinaigrette)
  • - Traditional Greek salad (Original Greek Feta cheese and caper)
  • - Mini souvlaki chicken
  • - “Hawaiian” Chicken with carry sauce and Basmati Rice, Served in a neck of crispy tortilla
  • - Lamb stuffed with Feta cheese and vegetables, Served in a neck of crispy tortilla

  • - Variety of vegetables stick, breadstick, homemade crackers served with Greek dips (Tzatziki, eggplant salad, Taramosalata with Botargo detritus and beetroots)
    - Mini Salmon Rolls with creamy cheese, caper, chives and confit lemon
    - Stand with Mini Wrapped tortilla filled with Shrimps, chives, dill and creamy cheese
    - Stand with Wrapped tortilla filled with melon, prosciutto and parmesan cheese
    - Stand with mini Souvlaki of grilled vegetables, Fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh homemade Basil pesto
    - Mini Greek traditional pies (Spinach pie and Mykonian onion pie “Kremidopita”)
    - Stand with Greek cheese, cold cuts and olives
    - Traditional Balls (Santorini Tomatoes balls, Crete zucchini balls, Meat balls served with pita bread and yogurt sauce)

  • - Mini stick of traditional Greek salad
    - Mini nest of Exotic salad with Mango cashews vegetables parmesan and vinaigrette Mango

  • - Chicken fillet roll stuffed with cheese and vegetables

  • - Selection of homemade sweets on cups.(Baklavas, Chocolate mascarpone and cheesecake with strawberry and mango sauce.)

  • - Welcome drink
    - Aperitif (Sparkling white wine accompanied with blini salmon, brick, cream cheese and jives)
    - Selection of breads
    - Passion salad (mixed green salad, mousse cream cheese, passion fruit, pistachio and Vinaigrette of Forrest fruits)
    - Charlotte asparagus with mousse avocado and Botargo
    - Fish fillet with sous of Bisk shrimp and vegetables
    - Wedding cake
    - Selection of sweets on cups
  • - Welcome drink
    - Aperitif (Raspberry Mojito) accompanied with raw vegetables and cream cheese mousse
    - Selection of breads
    - Exotic salad (mixed green salad, mango, cashew nuts, parmesan cheese, croutons and mango vinaigrette)
    - Bruschetta with fresh Mozzarella, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, fresh basil and cream balsamic
    - Gnocchi made from pumpkin with prosciutto and parmesan cheese
    - "Rey Bye" steak on the grill, served with mashed potatoes, carrots and butter sauce "cafe de Pari"
    - Wedding cake
    - Selection of sweets on cups